Bandua Wargames April Releases. Airbrush stencils and Colored Dice Towers

We are glad to announce our new releases for April 2016, with a new range of products that you will love! Stencils for airbrushing, the cheapest stencils which with your miniatures will look awesome. And new portable and Colored Dice Towers, that serve as storage for your dice, and with acrylate parts so you can see all your dice falling and bouncing. Take a look!

Bandua Wargames Stencils


Designed for all kind of painters to make your miniatures pop up the easiest and cheapest way.
Bandua Wargames Stencils are thought to be the ultimate gadget to paint and custom your armies, and your terrain.
These stencils are very tough and floppy, they adapt very well to all kind of surface, and you can use them over and over again without lose its functionality.


We developed these stencils in collaboration with several professional painters like our own studio or Sergio Luque, from Minotauro Studio, who works for Soda POP or Corvus Belli, creating a great and useful tool for all level painters.
With this range of products we wanted to create a new gadget to paint your armies and terrain on the easiest and quickest way, with the best quality and with a non-rival price.



Bandua Wargames Dice Tower


Bandua Dice Towers are a new way to see this very common element on our game tables. With a new design to make its transport and storage a lot more easy, and at the same time it can be used to storage your dice when you don’t use them, or carry on your dice on a safe place.
Created on high quality prepainted MDF, they are presented on different combinations of color, with an acrylate frontal wall, with which you can see the fall of your dice, creating a nice and hypnotic effect.
Wargame and tabletop players always see their dice falling rolling over the table, and they can enjoy now a nice and tidy space.