Bandua Wargames Designed For Infinity. 2016 February releases.

Today we present you the latest news that Bandua Wargames has developed for Infinity: The Game. As always we hope you all like it and let you to create awesome tables on the most economic, fast and easiest way.
Thanks to all Infinity players who give us their feedback about our products and let us developing new ranges of products due to their experiences and needs.

Industrial Oil Tanks
We keep developing new techniques, and Industrial Oil Tanks are a good example of it, creating new structures and round shape components with an easy assembly.
This pack contains all components to make two Industrial Oil Tanks.




Docking Area IX-52
This new terrain set is essential for your industrial themed tables. All the products included on this pack were presented on 2014 Salute, and it was very welcomed by the fans, who kept asking about it even 2 years later, so we decided to release all of them as a single product.
This pack includes a big Crane where you can hook up all type of containers from the Mag-Lev range. Also it includes 2 containers and a container shelves with site for 6 containers.







Holodisplay Billboards
This Billboard set with 7 different pieces totally made of different colors acrylate, with new and interesting designs, are totally ready to use, with no moving parts, or parts who need paint, very easy and quick to use.
These are designed as an aesthetic element, which limits line of sight, something very important on Infinity.
Billboards are perfectly compatible with other building brands, such as Micro Arts, Customeeple, Warsenal…






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