III Bandua Open Painting

The III Bandua Open Painting is here! Prepare your best brushes and put your imagination on work, to present the best miniatures you’ve ever painted.

For the third year we are honored to present this free competition that grows and gets better with age, and starting to become tradition for the summer. This year we wanted to implement new categories and ways of seeing a painting competition and expand our borders to open the competition to all countries and nations who want to participate. Hope you like and all want to participate, whatever your level of painting be, because the most important thing is to have fun and to publicize those jobs that you feel proud and those who have devoted so much time.




– No limit to the number of works presented by each participant.

– To participate, you must send an email indicating your name, age, telephone number and category in which you want to participate to concursos@banduawargames.com

– Be attached in the email at least 4 photos of work / works from at least 3 different angles.

– The work must be original and must not have been published or participating in other contests previously.

– In all jobs, not just painted quality is valued, if not the originality of the work execution and transformations, the background of the painting, scenic base, etc.

– The organization may request additional information of the work.

– The organization would appreciate a short presentation of each work to publish the photos (techniques, history, etc.)

– Each entry received will be posted on our blog in the following days to be received and on our Facebook page.

– The competition is open to all nationalities and countries, and will be publicized by various media and social networks.

– The jury will be composed of various professionals and renowned painters.

– The deadline for the III Open Painting will be from JUNE/01/2014 to OCTOBER/15/2014 and the winners will be published in the next 10 days. Thus, we believe that you have enough time to prepare unique and original works.

– Any questions regarding the III Open Bandua Painting can send an email to concursos@banduawargames.com



1. – Historical: All miniature, miniatures, etc. about historical theme, belonging to any age, scale or system.

2. – Sci-fi / Steam-Punk: All miniature, miniatures, etc. about science fiction, futuristic or steam-punk theme, belonging to any system or scale.

3. – Fantasy: All miniature, miniatures, etc. about any fantasy world, belonging to any system or scale.


Extraordinary Categories: For each special category only one prize will be awarded to the best work presented on each special category.

a – Bandua Scenery. This category is made for works done on Bandua scenery of our range and can perform conversions and modifications you consider necessary, and not necessary to include any kind of miniature, only the scenery will be presented. Nor will it be necessary to acquire the pieces of our scenery through our website, may acquire through your usual stores or any of our distributors.

b – Diorama / Scene: In this category, any job that represents a particular scene or diorama will be presented (a fight between a knight and a dragon, some Goblins chasing rats, etc.)

For each main category (1, 2 and 3) will be three prizes:

–       Best Single Miniature: A unique miniature belonging to Category 1, 2 and 3, relatively small in size (a character, warrior, etc.)

–       Best Vehicle / Monster: A unique miniature belonging to Category 1, 2 and 3 large size, which is considered a vehicle or a monster (a tank, war vehicule, dragon, etc.)

–       Best Unit: Group of miniatures belonging to Category 1, 2 and 3, which are clearly forming a unit.



Each winner will receive a pack of products Bandua and a trophy and a voucher certificate to use in Bandua Wargames.

Packs of products and discount vouchers will be drawn among all participants

The organization may grant other awards, honorable mentions, etc.

We await for all your works!

Here you can see some of the best works received the last year, also some of the winners in their categories.

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