Happy Birthday Q-Building! Descuento de aniversario!

Hace 4 años, la idea de crear unos edificios a partir de los conceptos del equipo de Corvus Belli estaba comenzando a fraguarse, y 4 años después los Q-Buildings siguen siendo nuestro buque insignia

Four years ago, the idea of some buildings from the Corvus Belli team’s concepts was beginning to fuse, and four years later the Q-Buildings are still our flagship


En estos 4 años hemos enviado estos pequeños cubos a lo largo y ancho del mundo , y nos sigue llenando de satisfacción cuando vemos estos edificios en mesas de juego de diferentes países.

In these 4 years we have sent these small cubes throughout the world, and continues to fill us with satisfaction when we see these buildings in game tables of different countries.


Hace poco la familia Q creció, en su versiones prepintadas , las cuales estás siendo dignos sucesores y una nueva versión con el L-Building, que hace poco que ha salido a la luz.

Recently the Q-family grew up, in its pre-painted versions, which are being worthy successors, and a new version with the L-Building, which has recently come to light.

BAI000115 (11)

Para celebrarlo, durante estas semanas, todas la compras que contengan alguno de estos productos Q-Building, podrá introducir el código Q-Birthday en el apartado cupones de su cesta y tendrá un descuento adicional del 10% en TODA LA COMPRA!!

To celebrate, during these weeks, all purchases that contain any of these Q-Building products, you can use the code Q-Birthday in the vouchers section of your basket and you will get an additional 10% discount on THE WHOLE PURCHASE!!

  • Q-Building Pack BAI000004

Gracias a todos por vuestra confianza y larga vida a los Q!

Thank you all for your confidence and long life to the Q!

Human Sphere N3 Preorder + Free tokens!!

Infinity’s new book, Human Sphere, has finally come to pre-ordering! From today until April 27 you already can preorder your copy, including preorder miniature Druze Hacker, and also you will get, only in our store, a free exclusive 8 Token Set, designed by Bandua Wargames for Human Sphere! And all this for only 51€!

You cannot miss this new Human Sphere edition, with two books at full color, present on a case, full of new bockground, new profiles, missions and a lot more!


El nuevo libro de Infinity, Human Sphere, ha llegado por fin a prepedidos! Desde hoy, hasta el 27 de Abril puedes reservar tu copia, incluyendo la miniatura exclusiva de prepedido, Druze Hacker, y además llévate de regalo, sólo en nuestra tienda, un set de 8 tokens exclusivos diseñados por Bandua Wargames para Human Sphere! Todo esto por un precio de 51€!

No te pierdas esta nueva edición de Human Sphere, con dos libros a todo color, presentados en un estuche, llenos de nuevo trasfondo, perfiles, misiones y mucho más!


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Bandua Wargames Designed For Infinity. 2016 February releases.

Today we present you the latest news that Bandua Wargames has developed for Infinity: The Game. As always we hope you all like it and let you to create awesome tables on the most economic, fast and easiest way.
Thanks to all Infinity players who give us their feedback about our products and let us developing new ranges of products due to their experiences and needs.

Industrial Oil Tanks
We keep developing new techniques, and Industrial Oil Tanks are a good example of it, creating new structures and round shape components with an easy assembly.
This pack contains all components to make two Industrial Oil Tanks.




Docking Area IX-52

This new terrain set is essential for your industrial themed tables. All the products included on this pack were presented on 2014 Salute, and it was very welcomed by the fans, who kept asking about it even 2 years later, so we decided to release all of them as a single product.
This pack includes a big Crane where you can hook up all type of containers from the Mag-Lev range. Also it includes 2 containers and a container shelves with site for 6 containers.







Holodisplay Billboards
This Billboard set with 7 different pieces totally made of different colors acrylate, with new and interesting designs, are totally ready to use, with no moving parts, or parts who need paint, very easy and quick to use.
These are designed as an aesthetic element, which limits line of sight, something very important on Infinity.
Billboards are perfectly compatible with other building brands, such as Micro Arts, Customeeple, Warsenal…






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Unboxing: Escenografía Prepintada Bandua – Unboxing: Bandua Prepainted Scenery

Hoy os queremos enseñar un pequeño unboxing de uno de nuestros nuevos productos, el Q-Building pack prepintado Blanco y Rojo. Como veis, hemos cambiado nuestro packaging para muchos de nuestros productos estrella, como el Q-Building Pack, el Mag-Lev Train, las Ruinas Modulares, y por supuesto toda la gama prepintada se presenta en estas nuevas cajas de carton con cierre precintado de Bandua Wargames.

Today we want to show you a little unboxing of one of our new products, the Prepainted Q-Building pack White & Red. As you can see, we have changed our packaging for many of our flagship products, like the Q-Building Pack, Mag-Lev Train, Modular Ruins, and of course the whole prepainted range comes in these new cardboard boxes with Bandua Wargames sealed closure.


En la etiqueta de la propia caja podéis encontrar un codigo QR que os llevará a un vídeo con las instrucciones de montaje, aquí también os enseñaremos un poco del montaje. Una vez abierta la caja podéis ver el contenido, tres Q-Buildings separados en bolsas individuales para que sus piezas no se mezclen ni se confundan entre ellos.

On the label on the box itself you can find a QR code that takes you to a video with assembly instructions, here we also will teach a bit of assembly. Once you open the box you can see the contents of three Q-Buildings separated into single bags so that their parts are not mixed or confused with each other.


Separamos los tres edificios y comenzamos el montaje, como veis todas las piezas vienen perfectamente pintadas en un color plano sin perder su grabado, ni ningún tipo de detalle y que resulta perfecta para usar como capa base para continuar con el pintado.

We separate the three buildings and begin the assembly, as you can see all the pieces come fully painted in a flat color without losing its engraving, or any kind of detail, which is perfect to use as a base layer to continue painting.



Montamos todas las pareces de los edificios con sus respectivos techos, salvo la parte exterior de las escaleras, que pondremos una vez pegados los peldaños, los cuales se suministran en una matriz sin destroquelar para que las piezas no sufran ningún deterioro, ni se pierda ninguna.

We assemble all the walls of the buildings with their roofs, except the outside of the stairs, that will be assambled once glued the steps, which are available in an sprue without disassemble, so that the pieces do not suffer any damage, or miss out.


Una vez puestos los peldaños, añadimos la parte exterior de las escaleras, las puertas, las cuales son totalmente extraibles del edificio, y los últimos detalles, como la puerta redonda superior del Q-Building S. Y en menos de 10 minutos disponemos ya de tres elementos de escenografía totalmente pintados y listos para jugar, que cubren gran parte del terreno de juego, no solo para infinity si no para cualquier otro juego Sci-Fi, o futurista, y serán el centro de tu mesa de juego.

Once set the steps, we add the outside of the stairs, the doors, which are fully removable from the buildings, and the final details, such as the top of the Q-Building S round gate, and in less than 10 minutes we already have three scenery elements completely painted and ready to play, which cover much of the field, not just for infinity if not for any other Sci-Fi or futuristic games, and will be the center of your table.